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Everyone who becomes involved in the criminal justice system deserves a fair process.  Laura represents people both through Legal Aid and through private retainers.  Speak to a Legal Aid representative to see if you qualify for Legal Aid.  If you do, tell them you would like to retain Laura and they will make the arrangements.  If you will privately retain Laura, the process is explained below. 


Book an initial consultation with Laura that will take between 30 and 60 minutes.  She will meet with you in person or by video or telephone to discuss your case.  Laura will review the documentation you have received from the Crown or police (the "disclosure" or "particulars") as well as any other documentation you have that may be important to your case.  She will ask you for some information about yourself and will tell you what your options are.  She will discuss with you what her fees would be to take on your legal matter.  


Once you decide to work with Laura, a retainer will be due.  A retainer is a deposit of money that confirms you wish to hire Laura.  The retainer may represent the entire fee for legal services or it may be a deposit, with the remainder of the fee due at a later date.  All of the financial and working arrangements will be laid out clearly in a retainer agreement that you and Laura will sign.  The amount of the retainer will be determined by the nature of your charges, the complexity of the legal issues, and the length of time or number of court days that will be needed for resolution or trial.  Like most criminal defence lawyers, Laura does not charge per hour of her work; rather, she works on a fixed fee system.  This way, you know how much your legal representation will cost, without unexpected charges arising.  The retainer covers all aspects of Laura's work on your matter as laid out in the retainer agreement, including:

  • court appearances

  • meetings, phone calls, emails and texts with you, other witnesses, the Crown or the police

  • correspondence and document filing with the Crown and court registry

  • time spent in research and preparation for court appearances or trial

  • incidental charges such as postage and office supplies

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