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Laura represents people charged with all criminal offences including theft, fraud, mischief, assault, domestic assault, aggravated assault, robbery, break and enter, criminal harassment, uttering threats, possession of drugs, drug trafficking, child pornography, weapons offences and driving offences such as impaired driving or refusal to provide a sample.  You can face extremely serious consequences when charged with a criminal offence, and you should protect yourself by retaining an experienced criminal lawyer.  Laura can analyze the issues in your matter and advocate for you to get your best possible result. 



The Motor Vehicle Act contains offences such as driving while prohibited or driving without due care and attention that, while not strictly criminal, can still result in serious consequences including jail, fines and the loss of driving privileges.  Your jeopardy is potentially high if you are charged with a Motor Vehicle Act driving offence, so you should retain experienced criminal counsel to advocate on your behalf and get your best result.





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